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pandemo's Journal

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9 October 1945
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My three concurrent careers were teacher, horse breeder, and writer, but I retired as of May 28, 2008, horse sales have been off since 9/11, and only one has been leased (with an option to buy) so I'm just petting the remaining five head. On the side, I did photography, videography/edited into movies, (until five eye surgeries took their toll) and web design. I DID NOT house clean, so now am slowly sifting through 14 year's worth of debris in my new house! In my spare time, I sleep.

I love to read, especially science fiction. I also like the magazine Utne Reader.

Cats, dogs and horses are my personal favorites among the animals found on my 80 acre farm, probably because they are the only ones who will stand still for petting. (However, the SKUNK, Wide Load, was caught in a coon "paw" trap 2' from the back door, so he no longer comes when I call the cats. He has been replaced by an ORANGE possum. Never saw one that color, before.) My live trap was quite active last year, but only one candidate this year.

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