pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Peaceful Pandemonium kind of a Sunday

My mother Emily, sister Lou, her son Andy and his daughter Emmy (age four) left at 2 yesterday, and my most petable Jay Dee daughter, Pandemonium De Nada at 10:45 pm, on her way to her new home in Colorado. Sad times saying goodbye to all. (De Nada, now 20, was born on the farm here, and as a foal, played with my Irish Setter in the front yard.)

We put Pandemonium Coqet and her filly Just Hum Pandemonium in the pasture to the west of the trailer with De Nada and her son Debe Ser Pandemonium so he'd have someone to buddy with to make weaning more bearable. At sunset, when I feed the stallions and broodmares, Pandemonium Debut was in the hay field. No fence down but the strip into the hayfield is very low in places, and his legs are VERY LONG. The fencer who was to work on it in June still is not here...

When I finally went to bed last night, Pandemonium Lyre was all upset up at the blue gates to the lane, but Debe was not hollering any more.

Just before sunrise this morning, Debe was running the fence line between the yard and the west field WITH DEBUT, who was in the pasture behind the barn last night. Bu had to go into the hay field over that fence and then into the pasture over THAT fence to get there. (No marks from fence stepping.) Lyre's gate was open; his talented lips are still in good form once he had some motivation to move his body to some other location! Coqet and Hum and Lyre are not in sight, and Debut has two huge bite marks in his side. Debe is untouched. I came in to get jeans on to go find Lyre/Coqet/Hum, probably wading through head high weeds I am really allergic to en route. Coqet is vet checked in foal to Lyre, thank goodness, so no disasters there.

But we nearly had one! Andy, Lou and I tried to put Pande Canta Libre and her super moving son Statuesque Pandemonium up there with Nada as Statuesque is the next colt to wean, but he would not stay with his mother. She is NOT BRED for 2003, so if we had gotten that job done, think what a mess that would have been! Canta's the one who coaxed the three year old stallion Omyno! Pandemonium! over the fence, leading to his six day vet clinic stay.

When the neighbor we borrowed gas and chain saw oil from came out to their farm this morning, I took back what we had borrowed and paid her for part of the hay.

By the time I got back from the mandatory chat, Lyre, Coqet and Hum were at the gate, waiting for breakfast, so no weed-wading. :-)

After Lyre had helped himself to some of the salt Andy had added to the weather vane feeder for me, he took the mare and both foals back down the lane to the area with more grass. He also would eat a bit on the big bale of alfalfa.

All the rain dodged us successfully. We got sprinkled on so lightly that it never even ran down the window -- just random splatters. Disgusting.

There seems to always be a purpose to things if we just had the wit to realize what it might be...

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