pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Tempest in a Teapot

After the first week here at the Osage Rehab, some of the aides helped me change my bed around.

When I first got here, the head of my bed was in the corner.  Half of the room was behind me.  People passing in the hall could see most of me, but I had no clue anyone was there if they were quiet.

Before they moved me from the gurney to bed, I had them swap my head for my feet, which threw off the bed control.  When I wanted my head raised, I pushed the foot icon.

Somebody complained (not to me).

One wall had a light with three settings, the width of a hospital bed.  Looking at a beige wall 24/7 is soooo energizing!  Some of the younger girls helped me reposition the bed under the reading light.

The professional gripers began showing up, furious that I had rearranged the room.  More people arrived, and all were shouting at others.  Finally, I woke up my Marine drill sergeant bellow.  "Quiet!"

"Since I am the only person who will be here 23/7, my opinion is the only one that counts.  Without people like me, you people would not have jobs here."
Tags: hospital

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