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Canada Geese Made It to Des Moines

I took Audra the Audi up for service on Monday, a 40's lovely day, and when I left the dealership, there went the Canada geese, flying out to the Saylorville Lake just north of there... Their group had doubled in size.  I was trying to decide if they'd made good time, or not.  In the city, you can't hear the honks.  Too much ambient noise in the background.  (The dealership is the first business off the DM beltline, with four lanes of traffic each direction at that point.  A few miles south, staying on the road as it goes under the interstate, you come to the largest mall in DM: Merle Hay Mall.)

I got some stuff I've never seen anywhere else in the frozen section of TARGET.  Would you believe, I didn't even know they HAD one?  My freezer that got unplugged is now officially full.  Top shelf is the oldest stuff, so I can keep track.  Now all I have to do is eat faster than the freezer burn.

Bummer!  When I got home, I couldn't find the glasses I just put the new lens in Dec. 3rd.  They were the Rayban granny style glasses [or Benjamin Franklins] with a light weight titanium frame, and this time, the techs got the soft focus stuff right.  (Before, I had to tip my head back to keep the book in focus.)  I am sick.  I'm not sure I can afford to replace them right now, after my shopping spree.

I looked up the spelling of the lake, so I'd have it right, and read, "Picture a beautiful eight acre fishing lake that will be surrounded by a great lawn for concerts and games, an open air civic shelter for large gatherings, a picnic ..."

Contrast that with the lake I'm 8 miles southwest of – Lake Rathbun, second largest in Iowa, at 21.13 miles.  Fish hatchery, water purification, boating, recreational locations abound on both sides of the dam.  The "beach" area strikes me as pretty chinzy, however.  (says the girl who lived in Chicago, making multiple trips to a FAR, FAR larger lake...)

Chicago sits on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes, which stretches from western Michigan, 118 miles across, to the shores of Illinois and Wisconsin on the west and Indiana to the south.
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