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First Significant Snow of the Season — Possum Playing Possum All Day

Better than half way through December, only four days shy of the winter solstice, we are having snow.  It started off shortly after 10 pm last night (right after the POSSUM snapped herself into the trap–the only reason I went out onto the porch at that time of night)  with sleet that blew under the front porch roof and coated the entire porch and all three steps with ice, then a bitter, hard, spitting snow.  I swept the steps of everything not already iced down.

Three times today, I've swept varying amounts off the porch, always at least an inch.  About three pm I got the car out and cautiously drove down the hill, as I'd been ordering paperback books, and if they were sent in anything not plastic, the mailbox would be likely to leak snow all over them, which could cause damage.  I'd gotten several individual books that were wrapped in cut up barrel grocery brown bags recently, which I'm sure is cheaper than buying plastic mailers, if you choose to ignore the time it takes to wrap it.   I got so chilled last time, I may decide to just wait - the computer says we're heading for -2° (and the indoor/outdoor thermometer says 1° now, so that might be an overly optomistic prediction.)

MS had told me last night he'd come take Mz O'possum out of the trap today, but he spent the whole day trying to get his second vehicle to run.  He now has three, two of which he might not be able to get up and running.  He called after dark, saying he'd get her tomorrow.  I'm betting, if the forecast is right, she's there 'til Monday.

I had an email from my Rochester sister – a fellow my age who used to date sister #2 dropped over dead of a heart attack while shoveling snow.  That third porch sweeping, I left the bottom two steps undone.  The wind was up and by the time I'd gotten some food out for the cats, I knew I needed to go back inside.  I'm sure the snow will still be there tomorrow. :-(
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