pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Third Time's a Charm

So, two days prior to my eye appointment, I FIND THE MISSING LENS!  With my bare big toe.  I immrediately put it in the glasses case with the best pair of glasses I have ever owned.  I was changing the sheets on the bed, (for the third time since I'd lost the eye glass lens).  As I bent forward to tuck in the far side of the sheet, my toe hit the edge of the glass.  It was UNDER the bed.  I'd heard a tinkle when it happened.  Evidently, it hit the frame and bounced a bit, but, of course, made no noise hitting the carpet.

Since the glasses frame had given way, I sadly thought they'd have to be replaced.

Good News!

The doctor who has been doing my eye exams used to teach in the vision college in DM.  He came back to work for his first day on Sunday.  I got a call, offering me my choice of the slots from 11:00 to 3:40, the extent of his first day's work.  I took the last one, thinking I'd shop a bit first, or give them time to get the roads cleared off, since it is now mid December, not early November.

Hind sight is 20-20; Foresight is 50-50.  Had I taken the earlier one, I'd have gone on clear roads, not hit stuff I had to drive through.  I arrived early, as they said, "We'll take you as soon as you can get here, and try to get you back on the road quickly.

He had pneumonia (yes, he'd taken both shots for the types that have them, but got yet a third type and ended up having to go to rehab to finish recouperating).  He's three years older than I am.  The Bosnian tech that prepped me for his visit was quite a philosplher.  I asked her if she thought a hug would be appropriate.

"That's personal.  Best ask the doctor."

He walked in almost  immeidately, so I did.  It WAS, and I got a pat on the shoulder as part of it as well.  After a thorough exam, he was exceedingly pleased with the eye the surgeon at the Mayo Clinic had repaired.  I now have 20/25 vision in that eye!  (I told him I've been giving it a lot of practice.)

Then, even better, the vision people who actually fill the prescriptions could repair my favorite pair!  A screw was missing... After diligent searching in a multi-screw drawer,  the tech found one the perfect size to hold, and fixed them, so I paid for the repair and new lens and shipping on the ones I'd been wearing, and left for home immediately, exceedingly happy.  (We did the update on the pair I had swtiched to, which were several changes out of date.  Normally, you wait and come back in an hour, but since I'm a 160 mile round trip away, with the weather porentially worsening, I did not want to risk having to creep home on ice, so everyone was good to make it happen for me.  The fact that they were not very busy also helped.)

I got home on dry roads shortly after dark, having left the eye doctor BEFORE my appointment time had even been reached.

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