pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Saw Possum, Caught Coon

So, three times running, I saw an extremely pg possum on my front porch.

In broad daylight, there she was in all her broad splendor, eating scraps out of the turkey roaster base I'd left on the front porch.   I'd just come back from a shopping trip, and had pulled up to unload the car.  Instead, I picked up my cane that lives by the shift counsel in the center between the bucket seats and started up the steps.  The possum climbed up on TOP of the trap, whose door had been tripped.  I took a swing at it and she ran, scooting across the porch, down the steps, over to gravel and into the space underneath the basement steps.  I unloaded everything onto the front porch, except the cooler full of frozen food, which needed to go in the basement freezer, except for the fresh meat.  Grabbing the plastic bag of meat out, I automatically shut the lid, as that was all that went into the house.  I totally spaced off the trip down the steep basement stairs.

My last trip out was for purse and plastic bag "book bag" substitute, which I picked up after parking the car in the garage.  I bated the trap with expired fruit, not very attractive, but I'd successfully caught stuff with it before.  Two days later, I had my eye appointment.  The temperature was 36°, and the three half gallons of "exotic" ice cream types (Caramel Praline Crunch, Toasted Almond Fudge, and Butter Pecan,) were totally thawed.  My neighbor told me to refreeze the frozen stuff, as his was always melted by the time they got it home.  I did the with  the dinners, but...

Just THINK how much weight I "lost" by having the ice creams all revert to liquid!

I'd seen the possum three nights running when I got the idea to bate the trap with the unlicked Butter pecan carton.  Last night, around 9 pm, I heard the jaws of the trap click.  (Actually, since it's a live trap, I really heard the lid drop into place.  I'd been hearing it regularly.  Once for a mother cat who KNEW BETTER, once on a 3/4 grown wild black cat with fetching white goatee and nose, and once with TWO yellow sibs the same size, age.  [Ice cream ALWAYS tastes better when shared with a friend, don't you know…])

Not only did the coon lick the plastic carton, he/she also trashed it for me.
Tags: daily faux pas

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