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Better Late Than Never Department

When my sister that is 13 months younger was 6-7 years old, she tried to feed our newborn brother a chunk of a chocolate chip cookie.  This resurfaced on a recent visit with sister #3 (2 3/4 years younger than I am) and mom.  I have actually a tiny memory of it, in the appartment on West Thomas Street, Chicago, right before we moved to Park Forest, the first suburb to use "ticky tacky" houses of songwriter Pete Seeger fame.  (Ticky tacky or not, I remeber with great pleasure the trips out to the building site as the housing development took shape.  Piles of broken wall board that made "free" chalk for use on the streets.  Eventually our own grass, yes, mowed with pride and joy!  Trees, one in each yard (originally, my hand could encircle its girth, but the leaves were green, not sooty!  Streets so quiet we could play giant games of "snail" (a wicked version of hop scotch were boxes were drawn from one side of the asphalt street to the other in a spiral shape like a snail, center "home square" for the circle dead center in the street) right on the street in front of our houses.  Only true athletes with stamina made it to the center if many were playing.  
Tags: childhood memories

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