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Like the day I was working on a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle.  I'd been to town, gone all over the driveway, yard, and house, and at some point, I heard a tinkle as if something had dropped.  I don't remember where I was at the time.  I looked around, wherever it was, and couldn't see a thing.  I went on with whatever was occupying my attention at the present.

Early in November last year, I had my annual eye check.  The closest I could get this year, keeping with Dr. Bloom, was Dec. 3rd.  I remember thinking that I really would need a new perscription, this time around.  Last time, the change was so miniscule, he suggested that I not do it, but keep the new perscription so that I could use the new formula if I needed to replace my glasses for any reason.  (He does that every year, but this was only the second time I didn't need a change, and it had been a few years, back to before the five eye surgeries in one year...)  I kept moving my head around to find the right place on my soft focus lenses as I looked at near, then far, then middle distance pieces of the puzzle.  I stuck my right hand up to adjust the glasses, and poked myself right in the eye!

There WAS no lens in that eye frame!  That tinkle, must have been it falling out. (Right, that tinkle had evidently been my lens for my glasses...Clear.  Small.  Not on the beaten path.) I looked all over, but could not find the missing lens.  I'm now in an old pair of glasses from two or three years back, but I can live with that better than clear glass, even though the right one is my "good" eye.  (And, yes, I could see well enough to put in pieces with just one lens.  If it had been the left eye, I'd have missed it immediately.  Or had I been reading...)

Tags: daily faux pas

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