pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Banana Split

So, I'm driving home from Rochester, and when I hit Indianola, I got the urge for my traditional hot fudge sundae from the Dairy Queen.  I usually do that on my way up, meaning a right hand turn into the drive through.

Left handed takes more work, but I made it, and rewarded myself by going inside to strecth, relax and keep it from melting all over the car.  I was next in line when I realized I'd not grabbed my coin purse.  As I walked back inside, two vans full of relatives entered right before me.  After a prolonged wait, I found myself ordering a banana split, instead.  (Good looking photo?)

I asked if the toppings could be switched, as I dislike the strawberry.  So, I had hot fudge, caramel and hot fudge.  I was happily nicking a tiny piece of banana off one slice or the other so each bite had one when I suddenly hit a piece of peel.

Carefully extracting it, I laid it out full length on an extended napkin.

After I was done, I approached the counter, waiting until I could catch the eye of the girl who prepared my split.  Offering her the napkin, I suggested, "I realize research shows that most of the vitamines are contained in a fruit's peel, but I didn't think banana was one of those.  You might get more repeat business without including the peel."

That will teach me to indulge in a guilty pleasure!
Tags: eating disasters, gaffes

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