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Beatles Dedication

So, I'm comfy in my living room, typing away while I am also listening to back podcasts, and just hit a Valentine's day show for All Songs Considered, where people put their dedications on the cloud, then the DJ's chose them and played the best.  One got me really laughing, although I never liked the song.

I remember my sister (the one 13 months younger) with the White Album by the Beatles. Couldn't have told you a single song from it, however.  But the caller explained, "For any serious relationship to build, the girl had to get to know the Beatles."  So they take their cassette tape off to the local "quiet" place, and as he's waiting for the song, he talks to her, but MISSES HIS CUE BY ONE SONG.  He was heading for "I Will", but got ahead of himself by one song, and cued it on "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?"

As soon as the caller said, "I Will", the main DJ, Bob Boilin, started laughing his infectious laugh and laughed the name, then they played it. It turns out, the title is the ONLY lyric. I think, boring, but, it is the 23rd year of marriage for the couple, so I guess they had no trouble figuring out what "it" was... (Which I didn't "get" until this podcast...  I was thinking about Division Avenue, Chicago, style traffic whizzing by while the band tried to perform in the median...)

I get IT!  Now, I get IT.  (After all, I'm only 70.  'Bout time for my second childhood to kick in?)
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