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Egg on my Face

I was cleaning out my fridge before T and her kids came and tried to put some TANGERINES that had been hiding on the bottom shelf, way at the back down the garbage disposal.  One of them was hard as a rock and locked the silly thing up.  I got to the metal KEY and after multiple stabs (knees don't work right, so hard to get down low where the insert button is,) and twisted it around both ways multiple times.  No joy.  Turn on the juice, and it does not run.
On Monday, after they'd left, I called to have it replaced (don't work on weekends...)

Everyone with old AC has been keeping them together, so at 8:30 today, I got a call – Matt would come out to fix it between 9:30 and 10.

At 9, I got another call – an elderly couple with health issues had an emergency repair.  Would between 2-2:30 be okay.  Well, a garbage disposal is NOT a health issue.  So he showed up at 9:45, and I'd actually cleared the jam and fixed it myself!  But, I did not remember it had a "reset" button.  He told me where it was, but it was now pushed, so I could not feel it.  The thing worked fine, and he tried to tell me where it was so NEXT TIME, the call would be for real. (He's a gray haired man, second or third generation in the founding family of that plumbing company.)

Taking his finger, he marked a spot on the front.  "It's straight back from there, and when it jams, it will pop down, and you'll be able to feel it."

I really should put a mark there, sort of an X marks the spot sort of thing, but the unit is black–I can't even think of anything permanent I could mark it with.  I'm sure a yellow post it would giggle off.  (lightbulb moment)  I could rubber band a note to the hexagonal tipped key, as I did remember that.  (Trots off to implement it before she forgets.)
Tags: family foibles

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