pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Early Reminiscences

T's children begged for "young" stories about us growing up.  Caught off guard, I could not pop out ones on cue like that.  Lou expressed wonder when I told her that, but I explained, "We keep stories fresh in our minds by retelling them frequently [as to children, grandchildren, visiting relatives....]  I get few visits because of the distance between me and the others, and have only four legged children, who do not sit around listening to stories in the daily course of their lives, but if you want to catch one up one of the horses individually and groom it while you dump your troubles, they're all over the experience.

After they left, I remembered BW feeding a chunk of chocolate chip cookie to our newborn baby brother.  She got scolded (a rarity for her) as 1) she'd been told to be quiet and leave him alone as he was sleeping and 2) babies only a few days old are not on solid food yet.  Mom was safely able to fish the offending chunk of cookie out of his mouth.
(File under Kill-'em-with-kindness department.]
Tags: family story

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