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Foodless Capture

Before they left, Cole put the last piece and someone's unfinished bowl of spinach lasagna in the coon trap and armed it.  The morning after they'd left, they caught three kittens, then two different kittens, and eventually, Mellow Yellow, who will stay in the trap contentedly until he hears me, then call.

After a few days, I got the grabber and removed the cleaned, but soggy from dew paper plates and bowl, and again reset the trap but put in no bait.

This morning, when I went out at 7 to place the cat food in the feed pan and turkey roaster, the closed door growled at me. The kittens are getting hoarse, I thought, then walked over to the side so I could see what was hidden by the trap door.  A possum, the spreader of a dread disease that kills horses over a two year period.

MS showed up to dispose of it.  He moved the crate away from the house, and put a bullet in its eye, but after five minutes, it was still standing (I was reminded of a newsreal I saw as a child where beheaded chickens raced around a farmyard until the children caught and began plucking them.  A second attempt evidently richocheted off, but the third one did the trick.

I remember Debut and Raven, both wasting away after catching the disease the possums carry.  I still have five left and would rather have them die of old age.
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