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Jennae (the youngest?) found a Tollhouse Chocolate Cookie dough package in my freezer and asked if she could bake some.  I told her yes, never smelled a thing, so don't know if they ate raw dough, or what.

BUT, the little stinker must be trying to sabotage me!  Even though I distinctly remember explaining to her when she set down her plate full of T's spinach casserole on the edge of my lap board that I was trying to stay on a diet and had already had my slice of bread for the day, so could not have the pasta on top of it, Dieting evidently didn't sink into her mind.  (I did taste the spinach sauce portion - it was delicious.)

Instead of taking it with them or passing it out among the five kids, she folded the top over the unused portion and put it on the top shelf, right hand front corner...label side up.

I have NOT succumbed as yet.  (But, it's been a close thing.)

One of the boys found a partially consumed package of Hostess Ding Dongs above the fridge.  He thrust it under my nose and asked if he could have it.  I said yes, and it disappeared into his hollow leg, but again, the others did not evidently share, and I eventually DID gorge on the two remaining packages.  (Bet you can't eat just one.  No, that's the wrong product.  That was a potato chip commercial, wasn't it?)
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