pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Random Thoughts on Choosing a Mate

My sisters both dated their way to Mr. Right; the best I could hope for after college was Mr. Left Still Standing.  Thanks for the offer, but no thanks!

The cream of the crop had been culled prior to graduation as dutiful daughters dutifully fulfilled their manifest destinies to marry compatibly to a “top earner” to secure a good future for themselves and their (hopefully, still unborn, but sometimes not) children.

I was oblivious to that paradigm.

I remember one discussion in the teacher's lunch room.  It was a "hen party" day.  Two banquet tables full, and NOT ONE teacher or aide had been "unencumbered" when married.  I kept my mouth shut, striving my best for a poker face, shocked beyond belief.

Sometimes, since most were from the same small town, the information was simply a restatement of a long-known fact, but others were admitted shyly or with obvious chigrin.

The shock to me was not that some were "embarrassed" at the time of their marriage, to borrow and translate a Spanish word for pregnancy, but the 100% figure.
Tags: how life works
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