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#1 Delicious Political Quotes ∼ All by Foreign Big Wigs: William Whitelaw

He has been going around the country deliberately stirring up apathy.

•••••••••••••••••••••William Whitelaw, British politician, (The Reader's Digest, July/August, 2016, p. 33)

Reader's Digest, July/Aug., 2016, Candidates Say What?!, p. 33, (posted in random order; the originals were not rated)

In a functioning democracy, ratings based solely on personal opinions really is a job that should only be done by various individuals, based on their own opinions, thoughts and prejudices.

Obviously, I saved the best for last.  Those of the (D) persuasion need to dump their apathy during this very helpful time when people seem to be waking up and in the mood to squish.  IF the (D)'s and moderate, thinking (R)'s don't put their voting lever where their poll-answering mouth is, we could be in a world of hurt!

I'm feeling far more bruised than usual during a political campaign.

If we can't get financial limits through our DO NOTHING congress, maybe they'd go for TIME LIMITS, which would also reduce the ridiculous expensiveness that blocks participation by best minds not necessarily found in coordination with extreme wealth.  Logically, the effects of pure capitalism reduce the likelihood of that, it seems, judging by past political winners ((R) variety).  I've been voting since 1960, never missing an election, and one political party has never before collected all the bigots quite so effectively as recent experiences are revealing.

I am an independent who has always delighted in seeking the brightest, most talented applicants, regardless of political affiliation (or is that affliction, nowadays?)  (R)'s, bit the bullet and clean your gene pool before the stagnation cripples you for life.

We seriously need to get back to a system that rewards TALENT for putting the best practices in place to benefit the whole world, all people living in the US, then ourselves personally, in that order.  Mean-spiritedness is NOT a USA trait that needs our support.  It's already rampant.  Let's spend the days to the election in a bid for alt

Science tells us even animals have a gene or two for that quality.  Practice makes perfect.  Let's prove that we BELONG at the pinnacle of the hierarchy.

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