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On Remembrances

Tuesday 21, ('97)
Dear Sandy,

(Your Aunt) Carol and I were having lunch today and talking over "things remembered".  We thought of (your Aunt) Phyllis and Mom Benson with their love for Pansys. This brought up Dad, and his flower was also pansys…  Then I remembered his telling us how sad Mother's Day was for him.  All the cousins wore a red rose, while he had to wear white because his mother was dead.

Then you—we think of mums with their being a no-no.  Most recently your pink rose…  Could you put the bush (a new one) in a "pot of soil" and let them grow that way?

I've always liked the Iris and thin of Mom Hugus and her flower hill by the barn filled with blooming iris.  Lou planted some on Dale's grave site along with tulips.  Once a year, it looks beautiful.  These were the only thing that grew even tho many flowers and bushes were planted.


I wrote after the 21st the year from the envelope, but could not read the month.  January also had a Tuesday the 21st, but I put it in August, as flowers would actually be blooming at that point in the year.  (Although some things might be blooming in January in Mississippi, depending where they were.  I'm thinking enclosed malls, etc. here…)

And, no, I do NOT remember what catastrophe befell my pink rose bush.  I've lived on the farm since 1976, when there really were mum bushes planted along the driveway side of the house, and yes, I really am deathly allergic to them and had to give the entire plants away when I first moved here.  The irises growing along the south side of the house were alive and well back then, but I lost them when the graded driveway went in.  The sloped sides of the drive butted right up to the side of the house.  I'm not even sure the door leading to the crawl space underneath the house can still be accessed, come to think of it.  (Not that I can go under there, after the Friday night I got stuck for several hours until I thought to shrug out of my parka, making me just enough flatter to be able to squeeze through.)
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