pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Response to an Anti-TV Rant

I got chosen by the Nielson people to keep a log of my TV viewing from 8/1 to 8/7.

"But, I don't watch TV!" I protested.

"That's okay," the lady responded. "It makes the survey more balanced."

So they sent the stuff.

"How many TV sets in the house?" asked one survey question. Pause in thought while I counted. "Do computer monitors count?" This is harder than it seems. How can one person living alone who does NOT watch commercial TV explain having four TV's?

Yes, I have a TV antenna. I got it the summer I took a college course that broadcast a 30 minute TV segment at 7 am on Sunday mornings. I have many good friends who would have let me watch my show -- but none who are consistent early risers...especially on a Sunday morning. That would be a bit much. I did not ask it of them.

I broke down and got an antenna, mounting it on a FENCE POST. I didn't want a hole in my roof that would leak rain like happened around the antenna on the old house -- I had one heck of a time getting that thing down due to the steep pitch of the top of the roof, and never did get a good enough repair job on the roof to keep things from leaking. So it goes.

I haven't watched commercial TV for most of the last 26 years. I really can't say that I've missed it. Who has time??? If I came home and turned it on, that was ALL that got done, no matter how dumb what I was watching turned out to be...

If one is that compulsive, one had best locate the "off" button and USE IT.

The "one" I am referring to is ME. The sentence just sounds awkward in first person. Maybe my subconscious doesn't want to believe something that bad about myself...that I am too weak on a daily basis to watch one thing and shut it off.

I know I am still that way... I spent the night in a motel recently, took my novel along to edit, and turned on the TV. Went to bed way, way late, overly tired, and only got two pages edited. Did I watch anything worth while? Nope. I saw "Starship Troopers," based on a Robert Heinlein book I dearly loved, but the show was gratuitously gory and DUMB. The show that followed was so bad I can't even remember the name or the plot, but I stayed up when I needed to be sharp the next day, watched it until the end credits rolled...

Don't get me wrong -- I love movies, GOOD movies. I love studying how the filmmaker's art goes... what makes the poignant moment really grip the viewer, but I want some substance...

Which leads me back to the four TV thing -- One cool, big monitor on my G-4 so I can edit movies properly using my Mac G-4 and Final Cut Pro... One in the computer room hooked to the scanner and printer, which are too old to link to the G-4, and two little 13 inchers to see what the finished product will look like. They are in the living room, hooked to a VCR, the new digital video camera (oh, do I love THAT one, even though I really should have paid down credit card bills, not bought it...) and the G-4. I have now managed to get an "editing suite" with enough horsepower to really edit...

I feel the Pandemonium Horse Opera coming on big time. Begun inauspiciously in 1986 and still on the drawing board... Oh, well.

I guess I love these long spun out projects. Parts of the novel are from 11th grade... It always bothered me that I could not write fiction. I once Aced a fiction writing class without ever devolving into fiction. The teacher told me I had a WILD IMAGINATION... (which I do, but it was NOT in use in the presentations she'd seen.) I also have a rather WEIRD life, and not always by choice. I sure could have done without last night's chapter in the family soap opera!

I always thought my first book would be My Horses Call Me Mommy, but just by living life, I've reached the point where I CAN write fiction. Summer Circles is fiction... some elements woven in are real, but the whole thing is about as fictionalized as they come. It certainly bears no resemblance to MY life... LOL.

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