pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mowing the Yard

When I moved here nearly 27 years ago, I had a year old walking lawn mower. That was the "neatest" thing. Riding lawn mowers weren't common, but this one, looking like a regular power lawn mower, but had "tracks" that let it "walk" by itself, was perfect for my lawn. I was happy with it, but the spark plug got ruined in a flood that covered its place in the machine shed, and although it was worked on several times, it never would run after that. Eventually, someone stole it while I was at school, and since I had no way to lock the open faced machine shed, I decided not to replace it. I fenced the front yard, and used one of my handy, dandy all purpose automatic lawn mowers, sprinkling and fertilizing systems.

This time, Nada and her son are mowing my lawn for me, and the little pasture just to the west of the house. The next down boss mare, Canta, is being very mellow and letting more than normal take bites when I feed. She has to work at it harder than Nada, who could just flick the others away with her tail.

Her son is also weeding the flowers, but he is not real good at telling the difference. A spontaneous cucumber plant was growing right smack dab in the middle of the front yard, and he had the GALL to Lay Down on it. Crushed the vines, leaving the buds, which I am sure will die, now.

The only way I can think that they got planted in the first place is my dog. (Such talented animals I have...)

She brings the neighbor's half-burned garbage over here and chews on the aluminum foil, etc. The neighbor has a beautiful garden...

Until the blooms came out yellow, I was not sure if I had a pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, or whatever.

You can tell I'm a real good gardener. I do fine with the little pictures on the seed packs at the head of rows -- then I know those little ferny things are carrots, not the weeds that look the same to me. I have a zip lock baggy of headed out seeds/stem from the kind of fescue that you want to be sure is NOT in your pasture, and a local guy tore me out the stem of a cocklebur before it got its head. I carried it around for days that first year, pulling out by the roots by hand any plant marked like that (black spots on the stem). I am now cocklebur free except for what comes in the flood waters, but I pulled them for over seven years, all over the front forty. I never have gotten rid of all the burdock, which are a LOT more hardy. I also can't get rid of the wild parsnip, which I am highly allergic to.

I've been in this house for seven years now, and am just getting the ragweed plants out of the front yard. Each year, I pull until the stuff gets to the place where I can't touch it. It is nearly there now, and for the first time, I have more than a path to the car. Still can't go all over the yard safely once it heads out, but at least I can see some improvement.

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