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Hitting Close to Home

So, on the 6th, I went to town, the grocery store, a gas station, to pay my plumbing bill and to pick up cat food at the vet's.  I ate lunch with the meat manager as his worker made up10 packages of 96% lean hamburger.  After telling me that the guy I had trouble with last year was one of his son's friends, he told me of a recent wreck in which one was killed and one paralized for life. He went on about him spending life in a wheel chair. The one paralized, BS...

I told him I wished BS no ill will, but I needed a farmer to farm, not leave part of the hay crop baled, but still out in the field on Oct. 8th of the NEXT YEAR while he refused to relinquish control of the property, telling him about the rumor that if anyone else did my hay, BS could legally swoop in and scoop up all the newly baled crop and cart it off legally...  (I didn't add in the bit about the two guys showing up to deal with BS on my property, at least one armed - while the other sat in the truck, stratigically parked so as to block in both sides of my garage.)

His version of the accident: they were alone, a one car accident, the car rolled repeatedly...  The sub-text: On another night, his son might have also been in the car with them.

Next, I gassed up across the street, where the WOMEN involved in the crash were under doctor's care in Des Moines.  (In this version, too, one was dead, but again unnamed.)

While paying for my furnace cleaning and new filters, I saw a card for the funeral of a 30 year old Seymour man, CM, one of my former students.  The clerk told me her version.  Two cars, one fatality, four with severe injuries requiring hospitalization, two female.  That was somewhat modified at the vet clinic, with a date added.

Very, very sad.  
Tags: dealing with death

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