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On Wisdom - Ted Kooser

“Wisdom is easy to carry but difficult to load.”
Ted Kooser

So, I remembered a poem, Abandoned Farmhouse, by Ted Kooser, and decided I wanted to re-read it, but I apparently no longer have whatever lit book it was in.  Google to the rescue, and I discovered a lovely YouTube version with appropriate photos and a decent reader voicing it.

Deciding I wanted a copy to send to my brother, I contacted the poet via email and got a lovely response:
Dear Sandra:

Thanks for your interest in my poem, and for sending me the link to the photo presentation.

That poem appeared first in SURE SIGNS and then later in FLYING AT NIGHT, both from University of Pittsburgh Press. The latter book combines SURE SIGNS and my second book with Pitt, ONE WORLD AT A TIME, so if you buy FLYING AT NIGHT you get a better deal.

All the best from Nebraska, Ted Kooser

So, now I will be looking for Flying at Night for a birthday present for a guy who loved to fly... and has been known to write poetry on occasion, as well.

Friday 3/4/16 10:00 weight 223.22# °°° ° ° °° °°71.1°/42.8° light overcast
°°°°°°°°°°°°°°11:00 morning meds 224.02# °°°°°70.1°/41.2° sunny

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