pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Mom's Move to Minnesota Approved by Mississippi Judge

Way to go, sis!

(And the lawyer held out his hand and said, $850, please).  The thing was a legal page long, after all.

In other news, I worked on my web pages (all hand coded) through the night last night, going to bed in defeat around 7:30 am this morning.  I slept to 1, tried to drop back off, as I still had a head ache, but could not.  Am going now... Sigh.

I was so groggy I let Sleeper slip into the utility room when I took the food in, then opened the back door to dump the dirty water (I toss it into the pasture every day.  In times of drought, I should still have about a foot of green grass, that way, a big help to the local ecology, I'm sure) I didn't notice where she was, and out she went.  I went out barefoot to try to retrieve her, so she trotted down the gravel walkway to the garage, then took the lowest slot in the woven wire fence into the pasture.  I opened the gate (damp place, right, from the dumped five quart water pail).  She headed seriously out, so I went back for SHOES.  By the time I got to the inside throw rug I keep in front of the door, I got to scrape wet cat hair off both feet.

Shod, I popped out the front door.  She was sniffing noses with one of her full sisters, the sweet one.  A tom cat (her uncie, I think) came up, but she was not in heat, so he was respectful.  Her father came up.  I eyed them, praying that would be enough to keep them from degenerating into a cat fight (they got the water one day last week, but it was 64°, so they hissed and parted).  Sleeper jumped onto the broken bench, walked to the far end, stopped, looked at me standing behind the roof support post, so I squinted my eyes closed at her and smiled.  (I read somewhere that squinting at a cat, or even closing your eyes at them is a friendly sign - who knows - I never had a reason to try it out before.)  I stayed still when she did, and eventually, she got down, greeted more friends as the hord gathered (cat food bowls pretty well-stocked, yet, so I ducked back in to get the grabber).  She looked at me again as more of the toms came up, including Paleface, her full brother from the same litter, now nearly twice the size of the sister she'd greeted.  She popped right onto the porch when I trilled, holding eye contact with me.  I picked her up and carried her through the melange back into the house.
Tags: animal antics, mom, website
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