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Momma Visits Son

So, I hear a commotion on the front porch around 7 pm, since the trap emptier did not show.  I rush out, afraid a jailbreak is about to occur, when I come face to face with a huge, HUGE momma opossum, standing at the top of the steps, nearly close enough to have been bonked in the snout when I opened the screen door.

When I heard another ruckus later on, I went back out.  The youngster in the trap, who had been quiet ever since the door dropped, was frantically digging at one side of the door.  Since bigger ones than he had broken out last year, I went in for an 8" bolt to shore up that side of the crate.

Once the trap got emptied, I reset it, but all was pristine this morning when I fed the outdoor cats at dawn.
Tags: trapping
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