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Appendix I: "Pollyanna" List (12/23/15; WC: 385)

"Pollyanna" List

p. 103 The school still has no roof or walls.  In an as yet furniture-less classroom, the organized marching activity works well.

Despina glances at the surrounding peaks. No pesky desks to dodge, to adopt a Pollyanna viewpoint.

p. 176  Sarita, a thoughtful expression on her face, says, "I think we need electricity.  Then we could have our own light in the school, and not have to cancel class when dark, rainy days come."

Despina studies the mountain off to the right, absentmindedly reaching for a chunk of her already tangled hair.  Ah, Sarita, what an optimist you are.  On dark, rainy days, we'll need more than a light.  A roof, and walls, doors and windows, cupboards, books, oh, my list is as endless as it is unlikely to happen.

 "We could get our own computer like the one at the library."

P. 184  The brightest students, already long ago bored, have made short work of her Utne Reader issue on Native American languages, mostly now lost, and perused odd world languages via Despina’s photocopied library research.  They shift their attention when the workers show up to construct the frame of the roof on the beams, except for Gregorio, who is teaching himself an artistic Arabic alphabet, having already copied down the Cyrillic alphabet used by many Slavic peoples.
So, maybe the projects will get done one at a time, by all hands.  With the paucity of young males, maybe the tough jobs will get done collectively, prioritized by some unseen method.  Brain drain.  Nothing to offer the young here, so they leave if they have any ambition.

P. 239  The day it arrives is beastly hot.  The UPS truck stirs up more than dust when it squeaks to a stop in front of the school roof.
Smart driver to recognize this as the school.

4/5/02:  removed from Class Projects - The Wind: Paul Peter approaches.  "Nice looking roof."

"Yes, it is.  And a real blessing not to be exposed to the sunlight.  With no walls, any breeze that comes by gets in freely."
"Good slant, Pollyana.  You crisped up so much that first morning, I think they were afraid they'd lose you if they didn't shake a leg."  [The line that led to the "Pollyanna" list…]

Last updated 12/12/15.

Word Count: 385
Tags: softw: sc: appendix l

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