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Dewey Cheatem & Howe NPR All Things Considered, Aug. 13

Noah Adams interview, but WHAT YEAR? 2010? 2004? 1999?

I was looking through some old notebooks I was moving into the still unfinished library when I came across the beginning material for the first novel I'd ever written.  Leafing through the two to three inches of computer printouts and hand written bits, I encountered a strange entry.  On a sheet of wide lined notebook paper torn from a non-spiral bound notebook, judging by the tiny indents instead of holes along the left edge,  is a hand written version of one of the early chapters.

This sheet has a hand-written part to one of the chapters written above the lines on the paper:
     "The door opens and a voice says, "Sheriff, you might want to attend W Range War III.  It's about to errupt in the parking lot.

     "The door mysteriously opens"

Hand written, that amounts to four lines of text, with the new paragraph sitting on what would normally be the title line.  From the strike out and misspellings, I'm sure this is a rough draft.  [All that can be fixed later, when the narrative flow has trickled away.  Perhaps, as I was writing, I was listening to WOI-fm, then a lovely classical radio station, now replaced by the am talk show part.  Both shared the same news feed, from NPR.]

Following several blank lines, in large, print, (not script, as the rest of the writing was) appears this, in a pen, not a pencil like the novel was written in.  Since the following is from a radio broadcast, I have no idea if I guessed right on the spellings of the names in the law firm.

  Call NPR@ 877-677-8398 for a transcript of Fri. Aug. 13 "All Things Considered" Noah Adam's interview on "Dewey Cheatem & Howe."

Below that in in a different colored ink is $18.00 - followed by a (red check mark).

The computer printout that is right before is for, but other than the heading and footer, the page is blank.  In hand writing a list of chapters and the dates in my journal that they originally appeared before I collected them all into one location, along with the # of the URL for their page on a long dead server somewhere in Washington State, before the livejournal got sold to California, and then overseas.  (Wednesday, October 31, 2001)

In a box at the bottom of the page is Archetichs (architects) Shirley Ugest
                                                                                                Gilda Lilly

The notebook sheet behind it is clean edged, and lists gas prices in Seymour, Iowa from 8/20/01 to 9/15/01.  Casey's Gas station is the only one in town.  In a hand printed explanation, "These are the prices I noticed driving by in my (diesel) BMW when school started on my way to and from work..

"Sometimes, the prices went up 10¢ between morning and afternoon on the same day."  Now, why that mattered, I don't know - Caseys does not carry diesel at that store.  The first gas price on 8/20/01 was $1.37.9.  The last one before the 9/15/01 date was $1.83.9, with the high being 1.87.9.  On 9/15, it had dropped to 1.61.9, and by 10/2/01, was down to $1.39.9.  Astonishing.

The typed sheet behind that was a version of the prolog from Tuesday, September 4, 2001 at 5:58 pm.

In my memory, I began that novel in Aug. 2001, but there are bits and pieces that ended up in it written far earlier than that.

So, did the transcript ever come?  Not that I remember now, at age 70... But I also doubt I had that much money floating around free back then, either, assuming I was willing to spend it that way.  A bit later in that same fictional location, the sheriff asks the heroine, (with whom he had been sitting when summoned outside) if she were guilty of entrapment...

One of life's strange juxtipositions.
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