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Appendix I: "Wish" List (12/23/15, WC: 141)

"Wish" List

(file under, "Wish I Had Known to Bring":)

1.  sturdy shoes

2.  mosquito netting (from Despina's Journal:  Day Three of the Grand Adventure)

3.  floppy brimmed “gardening” straw hat (from Despina's Journal:  Day Three of the Grand Adventure)

(As I edit, I plan to put the page number/chapter reference where Despina wishes for something.  I also will add any other items she dreams up here.  I'm not even sure all of them will be "things".  #2 and #3 come from Day Three of the Grand Adventure)

(After lecture from Jacques)

4.  Sun Screen with an SPF of 15 or more

5.  Hiking boots

6.  white cotton socks

7.  clothing that will wick sweat away

8.  neck cooler (holds water well) [Sayeth the good doctor, “Soaking it in water and draping it around your neck will cool for hours.”]

Last updated 12/23/15, added #4-8. Gray
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Word Count: 141

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