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Appendix I: Universal Themes

Universal Truths/Personal Flaws

1.  Life is precious.

2.  Everyone needs to feel loved.

3.  Friendship is unconditional.

4.  Mysteries, by definition, cannot be explained away by logic and/or science.

5.  The only person one has to live with is oneself.

6.  One incapable of learning from one’s mistakes is destined to repeat them.  

7.  Nobody gets to pick their relatives; when one picks a spouse, they also inherit THEIR relatives, too.   

8.  Marriage is not a cloning process.    

9.  I see myself as unlovable.     

10.  I am having trouble accepting myself  just the way I am.      

11.  I am having trouble making wise choices.    

12.  I need help on how to fit in better, yet not compromise my own values.   

13.  I need help on how to decide if everything is real or the result of skewed perceptions.

14.  The world is full of cultural conflicts.  No matter how small an individual’s oyster is, if it contains others, cultural conflicts will pop up.  If it doesn't, that person will live LONELY.

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Last updated 12/12/15 Added a new #5, 6, 7, & 8; 11/27/15 switched four and five around, added /Personal Flaws; eliminated second person; 9/9/01

Sunday, September 9th, 2001   7:59 am

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