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Bon Got a Poem Sung to an Original Tune For Her Birthday (WC: 341)

Doggerel, to be sure, but it truly is the thought that counts, right?  The tune is lilting, upbeat and ultimately forgettable.  At least I seem to have forgotten it, even though I sang it less than twelve hours ago.

Have a Happy Birthday
May life bring you good cheer
May today be full of gladness
That lasts for all the year.

I don't have her number memorized, but have a cell phone number on file.  I dial.

Three tone error chord.  "If you want to make a call, hang up and dial again."   Thrice in a row and I called Lou.

"Yup, that's the right number."  Click.  Well, that's one way to keep my bill low.

This time, it rings.  Chuck answers, and cautions that he'll try to get to Bon without losing me.

When she picks up, I start singing.  She keeps talking.  How does that work?  Family always confuses me.
By the time I hit the second verse, she realizes what is up and quiets, listening.

She says all the right delighted things and wishes she had it recorded.

Since I sing off key and have no prayer of repeating the performance, she's out of luck.  I make a remark about probably being off key.  Since I "wrote" the tune (in my head, as I can't notate music on staff paper) I could always pretend it is on a pentatonic scale, or some such, and I meant it to be that way, I suppose.

She gives a throaty laugh and says, "Few people do [sing on key].  I used to make up songs for the kids [grandkids] when they were little.  I'd work in personal likes for each one, and they loved them.  Of course, they were pretty little.  I don't know how to write the tunes down.  Sometimes I'd use songs I already knew, but make up new words."

"My mind boggles how I'd work knitting into that song," I quip.  Another laugh.

"I have Cole on hold, so I'll call you later."  Click.

It's all good, right?

Word Count: 341
Tags: birthday doggerel

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