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Critique of History Test (Skip Safely If It Seems Obnoxious, Not Entertaining)

Sent via email from fayzee:

She admits to missing three, and sent along a cute note with it.

LOL!  Many required visual cues you see on TV.  I have not had commercial TV since 1976, so was unfamiliar with things based on images which did not have fairly good-sized clues within the image itself.

Although I knew of all of the incidents, I did not necessarily know what they LOOKED like.

When I saw a figure standing in front of a tank, I knew to choose the Chinese option, as soldiers in battle would not select that position to stand in, given an otherwise clear firing field around the column of tanks.

The black person walking in simple, unadorned crosses allowed me to choose Rwanda over Gulf.

The sparse population in the boat wearing a plethora of life jackets helped me to select Titanic, but I do admit that one was probably just a lucky guess, as refugees probably also get lift jackets.  I just think the boats would be fuller.

I don’t think of North Korea as having elegant structures to bomb out that thoroughly, so guessed Hiroshima.  Oriental dress would be prevalent it either.

Hindenburg Disaster I’ve heard of, and I do know Zeppelin as a dirigible, but the only cultural reference coming to mind was the British singing group Lead Zeppelin, which, I assumed correctly, would not use that photo as an album cover for hard rock.

The Martin Luther King photo is one of the few I’d actually seen.  However, I thought he gave that speech from a hotel balcony in Tennessee, which would not show the Washington Monument in the distance.  So, that one, although I recognize factual error, is more of a good sense of recognizing an eighteenth century crowd as opposed to a nineteenth century one.

I guessed lucky on the Watergate building’s appearance.  When I visualize the D.C. bombings, I think of snipers sitting near busy multi-lane highways.

The scene from D-Day could have happened elsewhere, but when our men landed on islands in the Pacific Ocean, V-J Day would not have still been going on, and Japan did not invade Pearl Harbor.  I’ve often seen images like that in movies about D-Day.

London I think of subway bombings, and the uniforms on the people on the far side of the wall do not look like British police.  However East German police would look just like that.  Gulf= more Arab looking folk with traditional head gear.

Great Chicago Flood, water would spew from more locations, especially in lower areas.  Even growing up in down town Chi Town, I can’t identify the buildings as not being a scene from there.  I’ve only been to Detroit once, but there were brick buildings of that age around.

Mars would not have what looks like the print of a human boot tread on it yet, and Antarctica I’d expect more ice and snow, less meteorite craters from a stout wind.

I’ve heard of Occupy Wall Street, which was during the Too Big To Fail time period, but I am unfamiliar with the Second Great Depression term.  (Doesn’t mean it isn’t in use…)

So, where’s Bonnie?

That woman’s face with children turned away looks like the movie Grapes of Wrath.  Probably just another lucky guess.  Random WW II survivors also could look that haunted.

Kent State looks like college age, in college-like setting.  Dress looks timed right, as well.  When I later saw the German Shepherd lunging, it looked much more iconically like the Civil Rights era.

Some of the men look starved, ribs showing, but some also look darker, maybe Black.  Prisoners in WWI I would expect to be better dressed, but some would have been darker skinned.  Somehow I expect Depression era folk to still commonly have shoes.  Lucky again, perhaps.

Obama and Hillery make it Osama, not Sept. 11th.

Why announce the Mad Cow cure with a sheep shot?  Cute, cuddly looking lamb = farmer’s strike image?  Not.  Heard of Dolly, but have no idea what she looked like.  Process of elimination.  And wouldn’t I have heard if it really had a cure?  I’d hope so, but...

Trench warfare = WW I.

Site too clean to be destruction of Great Wall of China.  Too many Caucasians standing about.

San Francisco with steep hills, trolly tracks running up and down them, vintage dress on spectators.

D-Day = jubilant sailors in the streets kissing Caucasian women dressed to the nines?  Not.

"Germany surrenders" says it all.  I’ve never heard of Victory in America Day… We also recognize VE and VJ day in school, along with many others in a Nov. assembly where stars for the fallen soldiers are put on the wall.  People collect however many they need to honor their relatives.  I can’t believe how many of my male relatives served.  One year, one of the student council girls came up on my prep period and asked.  I even have cousin’s female children serving now.  Mom was one of eight (now suspected to be nine) while Dad was one of four who all married and had four each.  Most married, were fruitful and multiplied better than my brother and I did.  My two sisters have five between them (replacing more than our four), and one of them was childless, but the others easily took up the slack.  #2 sister’s #2 daughter had six, while #3 daughter had three.  #3’s eldest just married in England, second time around.  He’s 40, and maybe still fertile.  #3’s youngest son has one “oops” now a senior in high school and living with sister #3 while she attends Rochester’s junior college part time.  AH also married later on, now with a son and daughter through planned parenthood.

When the news reports said, “hole in the ground” that wasn’t quite what I pictured…

If they’d have given the option of “Float in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” as an option, I might have missed the Challenger Disaster shot.  It really could be a papier-mâché impressionistic rabbit head…
Sept. 11 firemen in a pose reminiscent of the iconic flag shot on Iwo Jima.

Odd uniform, wife at side, roses, handshake = ?  good guesser

"War is Hell" could happen in any of them, but more were unwilling during Viet Nam.

Pearl Harbor and Viet Nam both look tropical, but boat on water exploding = iconic Pearl.  (Normandy = palm leaf?  Not.)

Jackie O is iconic.  Back then, I did still have TV, and everyone could tell you what they were doing if they weren’t watching at the time.  I showed up with assignment read for English class in Rochester MN Junior College, right across from the courthouse with flag at half mass.  Class of 60, I, sitting in the “A” row, ask within hearing of the teacher, “Why is the flag hanging at half mast?”  The teacher said, “For those who haven’t heard…”  Some laughed, thinking she was opening the class with a joke.  Nobody left that room with that impression.

Interesting quiz.  Thanks for sending it.
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