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Control of my Farm ATNANO

Control of my Farm

Drove up to Chariton to sign some papers for the lawyer Monday.  The Sheriff’s office supplied a document that referred to me as Sandra HuGAS (internal caps mine), HuGAS STrustee… four words, only one of which is correctly spelled.  Brett is suspected to be living with Courtney Love and child, at an unknown (or maybe more aptly stated, undisclosed) location in the Des Moines area.  So, publish three times in the Times Republican (Corydon’s paper) and I am one step closer to regaining control of my farm land.

At any rate, the lawyer promised to call if I had to show up on the 20th for the scheduled court hearing.  It really should be cancelled, as Brett did not receive notice four days in advance.  The lawyer can request, but not guarantee, that result.  Since the TR is a weekly paper, if we wait for due process before proceeding with the farm work, I’ll have my first cutting in September, for the second year running.

Larry Warren the electrician’s wife Patty recommended a farmer she thought of as someone who’d do a good job haying for me one day back in May when we hugged in front of the old Promise City Post Office building after I told her of my payment woes with Brett.  He’s called to check on my getting the land back under my control, and I promised to keep him posted, then misplaced his number BEFORE entering it in my rolodex or computer address books.  After looking over the land, he reported that there were still 10 or eleven big bales out in the field (although one might be engaged in erosion control) and that  the front field showed NO evidence of having been fertilized (the rationalization for the three year duration of the farm lease instead of the expected one year deals common in this area.  that I take a before and after shot of each bale.  (That would establish proof that 1) they were still in the field as of Aug. 15th and 2) there was damage caused to the hay field as a result of Brett’s mismanagement of my crop ground.)  The new guy will store them in the bale pen.  I’m unsure at this point who actually owns them.  I may also ask for a “moving them in and reseeding” bill to establish a document record.

Mark sort of mowed the old house yard with a tractor that had too high a turn radius to make tight enough corners to be a thorough job.  Since the horse weeds are over head height at present, I doubt I’ll get a close trim down there this season.   At least he acknowledged that it was grounds for insurance cancellation.  It is threatening to rain again here.  We’ve actually been five days without, so farmers got to cut their hay, at least.  The air is so humid it is not drying well, however.  The heat is horrendous.

Auto correct is going crazy on me.  Heat got changed to peel… and others not so stunning.  I did NOT accidentally type a p.  I accidentally typed two ee’s instead of an ea.  Weird, because heel is also a word, but maybe not one in the email’s dictionary.

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