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Introducing Despina, AKA Travelsfar Woman - Despina's Infamous Green Journal (11/16/15 WC: 487)

Sunday, November 08, 2015, 15:15 (travelsfar)

Despina's Infamous Green Journal

Introducing Despina, AKA Travelsfar Woman

Despina, AKA Travelsfar Woman, is the heroine of several novels, starting with the first one of the Saga of Travelsfar Woman.  She acquires her "Indian" name from a woman who, at the time she first meets her, had been dead for three years.  Nevertheless, they converse in rather quixotic fashion - visions, shared by whomever happens to be with her [within her physical proximity] at the time.  Ah, yes, propinquity works in these stories, as in life.

If I were to invent a back story for her name, I'd separate Travels Far into two elementary English words, rather than translate it into an existing Native American language.  The truth is that I heard it in a Mozart opera Così fan tutte, in which Despina is the MCF's maid.  (But she's a real scalawag, whereas Despina is honorable [at least in MY mind.])

My mother's father adopted the eldest child (as far as WE, the currently living, of sound mind, know...) of my mother's mother.  Eugenia (Jean) Wilber Snyder Saunders thus morphed into my Aunt Jean.  I also knew her husband, Curt, another Native American.  They had four children, who were always called cousins, with no distinction made between "real" and "adoptive" fathers.
Aunt Jean and my grandmother Louise T. (herself adopted at age three by the owner of the last name the T in her name stands for) lived together until separated by death.  Both are now gone.

Despina was an only child for a long time (from 2001-2004, or maybe 2010, as I'm pretty sure that latter date is when Leanna acquired her younger sister Despina, linking the two novels into one four part series...).  The first three books of Saga deal with Despina's multiple husbands, the acquisition/disposal of, as a subplot.  This is NOT a woman you men want to aspire to marriage with.  (Not to mention the fact that she's completely fictional, which would give you a neurosis, or would that be psychosis?  I can't remember.)

That's far from all I can't remember!  [Tutorial: To get close to the right color for the green in Despina's Infamous Green Journal, replace the color code in HTML mode by replacing whatever color is next to the words with rgb(3, 128, 10)]  That's because I can't get the color icon to display the current color as anything other than the base color, no matter what color the words highlighted are.  How frustrating it is to remember being able to do it in the past, accidentally doing it once yesterday, and still not be able to figure out how to do it when I want to! :-(

Ha! I just got it to work with a three letter sample.  Maybe I was plugging in words/phrases that were longer than the six characters allotted for defining the color code of text.

Last updated 11/16/15 Added one more space after end punctuation; tutorial and That's far from all I can't remember!; added (herself adopted at age three by the owner of the last name the T in her name stands for); 11/13/15 Added standard heading; of sound mind,; corrected Cose van Tute to Così fan tutte; 11/8/15 created using rgb(3, 128, 10) for Despina's Infamous Green Journal.

Word Count: 487

Tags: character introduced, nano, sotfw - sc - difj

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