pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

10/27/15 Listomania

8:55 10/27/15 72.3/50.1 overcast

1.  Call Audi for car appointment (Nov. 5th, 1:00 pm)
2.  Call Houseman for eye appointment (try for same day) (Nov. 5th, 10:00 am)
3.  Work on Ray's letter (ended middle of p. 4 of 14 needed to cover the back of the podcast contents listed by time for Harry Baker, European Poetry Slam winner)
4.  Sort junk in chair (got 3" handled permanently)
5.  Box pile of cardboard/used envelopes for future mailings (stored on top of computer cords to control cat chew access)
6.  Find milk crate for things piled against bookcase
7.  Sort pile on cutting board (only after 4-6 are completed -- starting many, finishing none is NOT an effective clean-up strategy for me)
8.  Call vet to worm Sleeper
9.  Check on line for  less expensive Science Fiction Mags sub.  (one that volunteered to handle it = $149.85)  [went on line and extended existing subs for $107.00 for all three, a $42.00 savings.)  I feel good about dumping that company, as they employ shady  practices - three months into a sub, they send a "renewal" notice, etc.  I stopped that garbage by putting a 1¢ stamp on their mailer and parroting the logo at the bottom in miniscule print that admitted that the mag's sub was NOT expiring.
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