pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Listomania Strikes Again

8:55 10/26/15 73.4° sunny

1.  Order meds (10:07 completion)
2.  Copy pages from Mom's green book - mail to Lou/Carol for translation
3.  Clean furnace vent, top right, with Q tips for dust control  (11:00 completion)
4.  Ignore old note (arrow to all caps message at bottom edge of the page, CALL LOU!) as has no topic, only urgency (considered completed, as it is now duely noted here...)
5.  Empty bathroom trash  (9:22 completion.)

So, as I wrote this out on a piece of scratch paper while sitting on the throne, I did the last one first.  It is a smallish trash can, so did not fill the reusable plastic grocery bag.  I moved into the bedroom, added the meager takings from there, then on to the living room, where I hit some "live" ones.  A banana peel, keeping the fruit gnats alive in the kitchen trash, an empty raspberry plastic container, aslo buzzing with gnats, and just to be thorough, the trash sack by the other living room arm chair, which contained only paper.  That pretty well filled the sack, so I knotted the top, added it to the large plastic bag to go to the burn pile, and called it good.  I thought about adding the scraps from the library (aslo only paper), but the kittens were loose, and What, Me Worried? does not like to leave without a waiting period in which she rearranges the books for me up as high as she can jump.

When I dialed the number on the Omeprazole that activated the automated answering system, as usual, I could only get one of the four through the process.  I kept trying to dial O to get to a human, but until the system had given me the confirmation number, I was unsuccessful.  Then I got George, (a step up - his English was comprehensible) We tracked down the trouble.  When my doctor's office was filling the four drugs I'm on as lifetime meds, they were only authorizing one refill, instead of a year's supply.  I took the Fast Start 800 number and the fax, then got on the phone to the doctor's office.  The gal on the line will ask for a year's worth of renewal at one time.  Hopefully, this solves the trouble.  It took us about 10 minutes of sluthing to decide what was going on.

As I was working on the furnace, it turned on, meaning it outdid the music I was enjoying, so I stopped, unplugged the bose sound system and rerouted the cord so it could reach the laptop on the opposite side of the living room.  I'll expound on that at the bottom of this post.

Now, tis onward to clear off the top of the copy machine, which has a foot and a half high pile of flattened magazine boxes.  I bought 40 on line, some assembly required.  I opened the top pack of 20, slipped out the first group of five, opened the plastic, slid out one, and followed the directions.  Lumpy bottom.  Cheap, though, and will solve the space/accessiblity  problem once the library acquires the rest of its shelves.  (I should live so long!)  (11:11 start)

Music: Glen Hansard, Irish Folksinger, interview with David Die on World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN singing songs from the newest album,  Didn't He Ramble?  a song he wrote to honor his father at his wake, being careful to simply tell the tale, without pointing his finger in blame.  (He spent all his time at the local bar, called the Ramble In).  He then did not put it on the album, as it was too personal.  The other songs relate, but are not as fraught.  I think I want to try to locate it.  Sometimes his voice is harsh, other times tender.  I loved his duet once I heard on line with Markéta Irglová, which came from a 2007 indie film in wihich she costared.

Wikipedia informs me that "Irglová co-wrote many of the songs for the film including "Falling Slowly", which received an Academy Award for Best Original Song. The film won the World Cinema Audience Award for a dramatic film at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.[2] Irglová appeared on the 2007 I'm Not There soundtrack with the Swell Season's version of Bob Dylan's 'You Ain't Goin' Nowhere'."

I should check to see if Netflix offeres that film, even though their romance has broken up.
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