pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

New Cat Trick/Sunday 9/27/15 Time/Temp/Weight

New cat trick -  instead of just batting the milk cap around the kitchen, they have discovered the joys of hiding it.  Yesterday, I didn't react to the oddly off weights -- but the quick regain had me hunting.  Yup, under each scale was a bottle cap, one white (full of chocolate milk residue) and one blue.

Sunday, 9/27/15 Time/Temp/Weight

  8:40  223.62 # (old scale)  225.42 # (new scale) 72.9° (back bathroom) 72.9° (front porch)  sunny
11:25  223.22 # (old scale)  224.82 # (new scale)
4:25  222.82# (old scale)  224.62 # (new scale)
Tags: cat trick, weight

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