pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Time/Temp/Weight/ Brought Two Faced Home

Tuesday 9/9/14 Time/Temp/Weight

Heavy rain overnight.

 8:10  217.4, 218.6, 219.6, 218.82 # (old scale)  220.02 # (new scale) 74° (back bathroom) 71° (front porch)  partly cloudy

On the way to town, I detoured about 10 miles further west, where RH and her husband CH reside with their seven children (home schooled.)  CH used to be a night janitor in the Corydon Community Schools.  Once, in the dead of winter, I left via the back stairwell, which was not lit.  I nearly collided with a huge black motorbike, and thus met CH, a cool artist, cartoonist, (protector of his motor bike in inclement weather), and sign painter.

I took him a huge black mailbox a while ago and the rearing horse I wanted to rear above the farm name/ my name on opposite sides.  He used white and gray paint, and gave me a true work of art.

I brought Two Faced home from the vet's.  Her tasteful black urn sat in my lap, silent, leaning against my body the whole 17 mile journey.  I kept the large see-through baggy on it for quite a while, not sure if it would have a funeral parlor whiff to it, or not.

Both Hint of Orange and Two's Lasson were on the porch, and obviously, she was hoping he'd get the idea, so both are now in the utility room for a few days' repreive from outside influence (visiting and older Toms).  Neither one (both descendents of Two Faced) seemed to react to the urn in any fashion whatever.

I was "naughty" and ate pizza.  Sigh.  I'll hate getting on the scale tomorow, I know.
Tags: cat news, cattin' around, time/temp/weight
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