pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Bandita's Beauty Gives Birth IN THE LEAVES OF GRASS

Does she hide underneath the porch or the body of the truck?  Does she use the numerous holes in the cat house?

Oh, no.  MS spies her while mowing.  She is in knee high pasture grass liberally laced with waste/bust high weeds, in a bit of a hollow.  Had he not been seated on the mower, he would not have seen her.  She's produced two yellow and white ones by then, and did not run off.  (She used to run when she heard his heavy footsteps on the porch when she was in the house with her last litter.)

Plans are to move her into the cat house with bedding once the mowing is done, if she is still around.  Then we'll plug the hole and try to get her the yearly shots before allowing her to go wild again.  At least that's the plan now.
Tags: births

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