pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

May the RASH Be With You -- Eradication Attempt #3

Went to the doctor on Friday last (always wanted to use that odd phrasing, but never had just the right place for it before) and got a 30 day supply of a different weird drug with consequences, a cortizone derivitive this time.  One tablet a day, two applications of the cream to affected areas, no refil on the pills, but the cream can be replaced for a year.

However, IF I have a reaction to it, stop using it for a few days.  And, scrub, scrub, scrub the hands after each THIN (stressed twice) application.

Once I had to treat a filly who had been injured with a related cream to help regenerate nerves damaged in an accident.  I was to WEAR thick rubber gloves, allow it to touch no part of my body, (and if possible, become male, as I had not gone through the change of life yet, and it could do horrid things to my reproductive system.)  At least, after a peek at my hair color (undyed) the sweet-natured pharmacist omitted that part of the lecture.

He did suggest that if my SKIN THINNED, I should go off the cream for a bit.

Great.  I dreamed my arm, now encased in too thin skin, burst into bloody leakage all down the affected area.  Talk about a vivid nightmare!
Tags: rash

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