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Glass Explained via

So I was reading From Here to Eternity, James Jones 1951 National Book Award winner, when I ran into on page 434 (of 954 in the paperback I just bought on eBay or, "Hal came in then from the kitchen, carrying two crystal champagne glasses.  Tommy came behind him, carrying two more.

"Sorry we have no tray," Hal smiled.  "But at least the glasses are right.  You cant drink champagne cocktails from a water glass."

I may be unwilling to use him as my goto guy for examples of how to do proper punctuation, but I WAS prompted to go to  one of my own "finished" books, The Saga of Travels Far Woman, Book I, Summercircles, and search for "glass" checking each occurrance until I located the one (of 33) where I located, "She sits alone with her $5.00 frost-textured pitcher of ice water and a matching tall, thin, textured glass instead of a regular water glass, but is no longer gulping the contents as she did, much to the well-hidden amazement of the clientele."

I then added the part in red.  In one version, I had described it as an 8 oz. glass, but then I rethought and decided I was NOT sure that the tall, but thinner glass might not also contain 8 ounces of liquid.  It might have been less cumbersome had Jones just had his characters tell me the proper name for that tall, thin glass.  I already knew the name and shape of a champagne glass, even though I'm a total teatotaler.  (I DID trust his spelling enough to allow him to teach me how to correctly spell champagne. And, yes, I do realize the kudos may really be owed to his editor.)

Guess I can't really call it "finished" if I'm willing to contemplate that type of addition, even if I might eventually decide it interrupts the flow too much and remove it.
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