pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Pandemonium Fleur Passes

Irene called earlier tonight to tell me that she'd lost Fleur d'Pandemonium tonight. She'd been eating contentedly earlier and seemed fine until around 7:30, when she went out to turn off the fans for the night. Fleur took a treat from her hand, then Irene noted with concern that she was sweating profusely. Fleur began to drop and roll, writhing in pain.

Irene got her up, but she went down again almost at once. She got cast in the stall, but Irene was again able to get her turned so she could stand.

Her vet was at the track (he is the track vet during the race season), but told her of another vet who was not practicing for large animals any more (in fact, was waiting for a hip replacement surgery). After watching and covering the meds she'd already been given, that vet made the hard decision to put her out of her frenzied pain.

When the medicines failed, Irene saw that Fleur was ready to go, so, with tears from those left behind, she went to her peace.
Tags: death
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