pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

Coon Caught, But...

Oh, I was so excited last night when I saw a huge coon on the porch before dark.  I set the trap, went back inside, and heard it snap.  Pale Face, happily eating the cat food in the cottage cheese carton, front feet firmly on the trap's trigger.  I glanced at the cat food pan and looked at the only young male from the last litter minus one.

Opening the trap door, I reached inside to remove him, setting him on top of the food out in the open of the porch.  He climbed out and stalked down the porch steps.

I reset the trap and went back inside.


I had Sleeper this time.  Yup, cat food still available without setting off the trap.  She came to me when I called, but wanted to help me reset it.

Sigh.  I went back inside.

CLICK!   Thump, rattle, clank.

By now, it was dark.  The trap door sheilded my clear view of the inside.  Walking to the edge of the porch, I noted THE COON.  He quieted.

I fingered the spring, making sure it was tight.  I wondered if I should look for a welding rod or something else stout to stick through the squares of the trap's woven wire, just in case.  I've had coons that dumped the trap off the porch and got the door opened in the fall.  I wiggled the trap - the screws holding it to the board were still in place.  I saw the trowl, but the handle was too big to fit through the gap between the wires.

Inside, I found a stout screw driver, but it was too short to reach down to the bottom wire.

Right before I went to bed, about 1:30, I checked.  Coon quiet, but not happy.

5:30 this morning, the trap, door still closed, was empty.  I still have the fresh coon crap in the bottom, however.  Lucky me.  Oh, and the cat pan was licked clean.  He wasn't even in a hurry to leave.
Tags: animal antics

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