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Memorial Day Escapade (Time/Temp/Weight)

Before the large black and white cat got himself into the back trap, he beat up Black Stripe and Four on the Floor pretty badly.  Saturday night, she was moaning in pain, so when Monday came around, I loaded BS into the crate that lives in the utility room and set off to get her treated.  Part way there, I heard a weak kitten cry... I had Freckles, Cali, and One Eye all in there,  hiding in the dark.

Lucus did a very thorough check of Black Stripe, then treated her for the tape worms on her, the cold she had, and suggested "rest" for the ribs, etc.  As with humans, they are painful, but relatively untreatable.  Usually, if she curls up for ten minutes, that is a long stay for her.  She's been under my chin between me and the keyboard for three entries, now.  She look his advise to heart, it seems.  She seems to be breathing easier now, too, cold/cough wise.  (Moved from 5/30)

Monday 5/25/15 Time/Temp/Weight

  3:55  220.02 # (old scale)  222.02 # (new scale) 78.6° (back bathroom) 81.9° (front porch)  partly cloudy
       (Black Stripe, BS Freckles, Blackie's One Eye, and Blackie's Cali to vet)
Tags: animal antics, time/temp, weight

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