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Bandita's Beauty's Kittens to Vet

7:00 am 50° (front porch)

Today Bandita's Beauty's litter got named.  As the vet worked on each one, I christened them... Most changed from what I thought I'd call them earlier.  The Spelunker-colored male became BB's Pale Face (mostly white face capped by yellow above the eyes/on the ears, who really impressed the vet - biggest, fattest, most timid/lethargic.  Then the mostly dark tortoise shell that I was calling One Spot got renamed BB's Orange Spot, the venturesome calico
BB's What Me Worried (for the comic look on her face that suits that monicker), and the "normal" tortoise shell is BB's Three Faced.  I'm not real fond of that name for her, but her pattern is so bland that nothing pops out.  She has more personality, but as one of the trio of holy terrors the girls are, I didn't come up with anything smashing on that front, either.  Until Mark came.

He'd brought a pine "spacer" to even out the warp we were getting from having left pieces sit unattached to the wall.  All four of the kittens were loose in the hallway, so I put them into the bathroom and shut the door.  One was missing, but I couldn't see into the back corner, so we thought she was back there, as it is pretty tough to hide in an empty hallway with book cases along one wall.
BB's Sleeper found a way.  She got on the second shelf up from the bottom, on top of a row of paperbacks, stretching out so that she was nearly invisible underneath the shelf.  She was there over an hour before we spotted her and locked her in with the others.

He still has not completed the "second" Friday's stack.  Promises, promises.  The kittens that were unborn when he told me "one a week, on Fridays" are now seven weeks old, with only one useable full case installed, and the bottom of the one next to it.  Sigh.

They are the only kittens here that are NOT SICK.  I didn't get a good scrub job on the crates, so I decided to take just the kittens in a box.  I used a vertical one with a handle, taking them in and out safely, then buying another crate at the hardware store on the corner.  (I was getting embarrassed.  Every time I went in there, I'd ask for something they didn't have.)

Saturday 5/30/15 Time/Temp/Weight
  9:35 220.4
2 # (old scale) 221.22 # (new scale) 68.9°(master bath) 61.7° (front porch)

Pizza, steakburger, velvet cake in town -- bet I gain tomorrow!
Tags: animal antics, time/temp, vet trip, weight

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