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Best Expression of Extreme Surprise

Nora Roberts - The Search

copyright 2010

My sister sent me a copy of one of my favorite Nora Roberts books, The Search.  As soon as I finished what I’d been reading, I started re-reading it.  When I got to page 169, I ended up laughing out loud, which startled Freckles, who was asleep in the crook of my arm.

The MCF runs a dog training school, and uses her three personal labs as part of a search and rescue team.  She actively trains other area’s volunteers around the state.

The local veterinary (female) is part of her team, and at the start of the story, the two best friends, both single, are trading “I’ve gone longer without” stories.

The MCM enters with a chewing pup he’s named JAWS.  Even though he’s missed the first two beginner lessons in a series that builds on past training, the bond is formed, and she begins to work with the pup and his owner.  She only accepts dog/human teams.

Shortly after both the MC amd her best friend, a female vet, line up interesting men in their lives, they have a redo of an earlier conversation frankly describing their romantic encounters.  The vet, mock offended that she didn’t receive an immediate follow up after the date took place, pops out with the line that made me laugh.

“Sweet magnetic Jesus on the dashboard.  On the table?”

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