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Black Stripe's New Trick -- The Silent Meow

Last week, Bandita's Beauty has, in the recent past, "defended " her kittens from Black Stripe's invasion (who was innocently thinking sharing a kitty litter was not a provocation) when I stepped out to use the scale, leaving Freckles and BS at the much larger Bandita's Beauty's mercy.  Turns out, she has none.

I stomped back into the room, picked BB up and plopped her back in the tub with her kittens.  The instant the doorway was clear, BS shot out into the hall.  I collected the scattered litter, refilled the water, and turned the cat food container right side up.  Had it not been tipped, I probably would have had to toss the whole panfull out... Nobody wants litter garnished Science Diet!

I hadn't even taken the dust pan and broom back to the holder beside the kitchen cabinets yet.  Normally, I put it back when I refill the cat pan with food.

Finally, I realized that Freckles had not fled with her mother.  I found her in a kitten-sized space between the tank and the toilet cleaner.  She's too little to have been on the seat, and the smooth holder for the scrubber is twice her height and offers no claw holds, so I'm not sure how she got back there.  She seemed to be unhurt, but her little heart was really thumping.  I now take her for litter walks periodically, as though she were a puppy.

Afterward, I'd have to move the litter into the hallway and close the door before BS would use it.   Even then, she took to using a silent meow.  It's been years since I had a cat who did that.  She's in stealth mode.

Tired of switching the litter pan back and forth every few hours, I decided to leave the door open.  I still "walk" the kitten in, sitting on the end of the tub so I was between the other mother and Freckles, but she has never reacted to her presence.  (When I first took her into the room a few weeks ago, I took BB's kittens and held them in the skirt of my night gown, then added Freckles.  No problems there, so I let her go into the bath tub with her new friends.  BB ignored her after the first sniff.)

One more attack took place when Black Stripe went into the room when I'd started leaving the door open, but when I hollared, they quit.  BS growled when I finally arrived (I was in the kitchen when the row started), so I tapped my finger on her head lightly.  I moved the litter box back into the hall for another day of shifting it back and forth.

Yesterday, after several quiet days, Bandita's Beauty came out into the living room.  As they tried to pass each other in the entryway to the living room, they got vocal, and I hollared at them.  Black Stripe ran to me, while Bandita's Beauty took off back down the hall to her kittens.

Tonight, I had again left the door open.  BB streaked through twice, running sliently into my bedroom.  Hopefully, the detaunt will stabilize as her kittens become more mobile.  This afternoon, Hint of Orange came into the kitchen for the first time since losing her kittens.  She and Black Stripe politely sniffed noses.  Freckles sometimes sleeps in the utility room in the same crate with HOO, sometimes with BS and I.  She's a really bright little girl; no accidents, and one lesson in how much force she could use when she played chew or bat the fingers.  She will play with the pink ball with the bell inside, but gets distracted easily.  I shut her in with it while I cleaned the litter pan, then set her in it.  She dug five holes before she'd use it.  Without someone else's poop already there, she didn't seem to be sure she was supposed to make a deposit there.  
Tags: animal antics

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