pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

And In Other News

Several of the yellows from Black Stripe's latest litter are now successfully pouncing, and producing squeals and in one case, a turned back ear.  Mostly boys, again, I'm assuming.  One black and orange, but not a typical tortoise shell or calico pattern.  Front half, black.  Back half, brindle.  She does seem to have the "unique" down.  She's a lighter shade of brindle over most of her body, with tiger stripes visible on her legs, where solid orange happens in a few places large enough to discern the stripes.

And, I've now named her - BS (the official designation for Black Stripe's kittens, for as long as I remember that I decided to do this) Freckles.

Her face has orange/white dots across nose and underneath eyes...
Tags: animal antics, naming nomenclature

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