pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

A "Catchy" Day

Saturday, I was typing away and listening to some music when my computer picked up a very annoying thump every so often.  Since the piece playing was somewhat jazzy, I thought the drum machine was working overtime.  Electronic overdubbing is de regior in some types of music, judging from three daily song podcasts, one from the Northwest, one from PA, and one from NPR, so a geographical spread, all of which sample from a wider area.  (I'd just dumped a Canadian weekly program I'd listened to for over a year, never hearing a song that "hit" with my tastes, that recorded things in artists spaces all over Canada once a year.  They featured alternative music.  Evidently, not my genre.)

Black Stripe's kittens are now in the utility room, while Bandita's Beauty is nursing the four of the five that survived in the long suffering guest's bathroom's tub.  The sheet I've been using no longer will come back to white between births... I let BS out to roam for a while, as she will make a special trill when she wants access to kitty litter.  She's good company.  I had my lap board covered with stuff I was sorting when she suddenly leaped up.  Since she generally will lie on a pile, but otherwise not interfere, I was quite surprised when she put her head under my hand and turned her head away.

She is the first cat I've ever had who likes to have her JAW scratched.  I never know how hard, so I start softly, then increase the pressure until she either backs off, or turns her head to have the othe side scratched.

But NO!  My hand collided with something.  I popped up, clearing the lapboard into one untidy pile on the coffee table in front of me, and quickly moved to the utility room door before she loosed the MOUSE she'd caught.  Two Faced, her mother, always taught her kittens to hunt, but she generally waited until they could at least POUNCE first.  She's evidently in quite a hurry to get this litter out the door.
Tags: animal antics.

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