pandemo (pandemo) wrote,

T-Shirt Slogan on MATH, (yes, math)

Gena Showalter in The Closer You Come, writes on page 89, "Her T-shirt read Math Problems? Call 1-800- {(10x)(In{13el)]-[sin(xy)/2.362x1."

I'm not sure my computer accirately typed what I thought I read... That first symbol after the 800 hyphen is supposed to be a brace, but although I typed that symbol, it certainly does not look like one to me.  Glasses trouble, or symbol typing incompatibilities?  Sigh.  (ed. ah, adding a space lets the brace part show instead of running it into the dash...)

It's pretty funny and surprising to hit in mid-story, however.

Multiplying anything by 1 does exactly what?  And if you have a forward brace, shouldn't there be a backward one somewhere, not a second forward brace?  It's been a LONG TIME since higher algebra, but...
Tags: quotation
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