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This week, until next Thursday, my sister is in the sunny south visiting mom in the assisted living facility and staying with our aunt and uncle nearby.

Mom's been hoarding.  She gets cups of coffee - two or three times in the morning, then three or four more times in the afternoon.  She uses sugar and creamer, or at least takes the packets.  However, she is NOT throwing anything away.  She has filled all six of her dresser drawers with EMPTY cups, and unopened packets of sugar and had filled her fridge with cream, some frozen solid.

My sister and my aunt spent four DAYS sorting and cleaning out everything.  Each day, they'd pile bags of trash by the door just inside the entryway, creating a waist high pile.  They've alerted the caregivers to remove the extra cups each day while she showers.

(When I was there, she would not shower... I don't see a good future coming.)  She'll be 91 May 3rd, and walks all over the place.  She has macular degeneration in both eyes, so that's probably why she's not reading.  We thought it was because she probably couldn't remember the plot long enough to get through the books.  (That also may be contributing to the situation.)  She can stay there until she can't get out of bed on her own.  My uncle took home two boxes of books, which will be sorted out later.  Some are disposables, others are parts of collections I would like to have back.

My sister said mom, who knew she was coming, still did not recognize her when she walked into her room.  Mom's sister and her husband were there, too.  Mom brightly asked her brother-in-law which one of the lovely ladies he belonged to. My sister is in her 60's, while our aunt and uncle are in their 80's, so he is of an age match his wife, even if they had been total strangers, yet mom couldn't tell who he matched up with.  She LIVED with them right before we had to put her in the assisted living facility for a long time.
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