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Liking the Sheriff -- (Day 18 WC: 311) SOTFW - SC, DIGJ

Despina's Infamous Green Journal

Liking the Sheriff


Day Eighteen -- Morning:

Dear Diary,

True confessions time.  Although Cu is quite a looker, he is NOT a talker.  For good talk, I lean toward the Sheriff, who is not a BAD-LOOKING guy.  Mom always said in effect, "Keep to your own kind", in the sense of religion in her mind, as crossing racial lines were definitely out of the picture for her and most of her generation.

I don't put that much emphasis on looks, anyway.  I've known too many shallow people who expected to have things done for them, or to have things go their way simply because they were good-looking.  Sort of a trade off we lesser good-looking mortals owed them for gracing our lives with their beauty.  It is OBNOXIOUS to the max.

At least Cu, for all the looks he commands, is apparently ignorant of it, or deliberately chooses to ignore it, which is certainly laudable.  But he DOES want his way.  He's quiet about it, but it is, nevertheless, there.  Consider the moving the campfire issue.  Putting it in "neutral" bug territory is evidently NOT an option.  The traditional site is THE SITE, period.  I do also have to admit that when he graces the area, he does sit on the smoky, buggy side, so endures the same hardship, which does not seem to bother him.  He's as oblivious to that as to his looks.  He's certainly a COMPLICATED fellow!

Daydream time:  I wonder if my body would like the Sheriff as well if it were given a chance to touch him...  I'm so tactile.  With Cu, I went immediately from being stunned by his beauty to the tenderness of his touch, all in one evening.  I fear when the comet finally hits ground.  The crater in my heart may just wipe me out.

Posted 12/24/14
Last updated 12/24/14, corrected spellings
who is not a BAD-LOOKING guy, they were good-looking, we lesser good-looking mortals, THE SITE.

WC: 311

Tags: sotfw-sc-digj

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